Concussion Prevention

Part 2 of Concussion Series


As we wade further into the turbulent waters of concussion injuries and custom mouthguard use, it makes sense to clearly define and understand what a concussion is. By understanding what a concussion is and how concussions arise we can start to understand how custom mouthguards may influence their occurrence and severity. Read more

Concussion Prevention

Part 1 of Concussion Series

The Question:
The million dollar question in protective athletic equipment these days involves determining the actual benefit of sports equipment in the prevention of concussions. On the list of politically correct hot topics not to discuss at cocktail parties, it ranks up there with religion, politics and gender issues. It doesn?t take the publication of more than a blog or two about mouthguards to realize that everyone in the world of sports dentistry, or sport in general, has an opinion about this. Read more