Maximize your training by maximizing your oral health

Sports dentistry is not just about protecting your teeth from trauma with a stylish and well designed mouth guard. ?It’s also about maximizing your training by maximizing your oral health.

Your central nervous system (the body?s electrical network and CPU) consumes the most amount of energy produced by our body of any major system in function.? Our immune system follows as a close second.? It also takes loads of energy to grow and strengthen muscles. If we are fighting off an infection, not only are we redirecting valuable energy away from our brain, spinal cord and nerves, but we’re also cheating ourselves because the energy needed to grow and strengthen muscles is diverted towards fighting off infection. ?Our reaction time and quality of training sessions will also suffer – often significantly!

Dental problems rarely hurt until they’ve progressed to the point of being significant and expensive. ?Signs of a dental problem include the hallmark signs of inflammation: redness, swelling, bleeding, and pain.? Inflammation in the gums and teeth isn?t simply confined to the mouth.? The inflammatory by-products of infection and oral disease get picked up by our blood stream and circulate through the entire body putting people with dental problems at increased risk later in life for heart disease, stroke, adult onset diabetes, rheumatoid changes, and bone density issues.

The key to health is early detection and treatment of disease. If you haven’t seen a dentist in a while and aren’t getting the results you expect in your training, maybe something is going on in your mouth that needs to be addressed. ?Athletes spend the vast majority of their time getting healthy, living healthy and staying healthy.? Are you a serious athlete? ? ?Are you doing everything you can to maximize your training, maximize your potential and optimize your health? ?If not, maybe it?s past time for your 6 month(?) check-up!

Dr. Cichon, founder of Victory Mouthguard and sports enthusiast, maintains a private general dental practice in south Calgary with a strong emphasis on preventive dental medicine and sports dentistry.

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