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Graham D. MacLachlan VP Hockey Operations & High Performance Training NSD

As a head coach and former Director of Hockey Calgary, players and parents often turn to me for advice on mouthguards. I strongly recommend a form fitted mouthguard to all of my players starting at the age of 5 years old. Wearing a form fitted mouthguard is not a distraction like the store bought products on the market are. A mouthguard is one of the only pieces of equipment that can be customized, therefore it is easier for your child to breath, speak and communicate with the coaches and ultimately perform. I play and coach and have used a custom made and custom fitted mouthguard for a number of years. I also have two sons and they both wear the same product. ? They never complained about their Victory Mouthguards as it is custom fitted to their bite. I can tell you from my experience children often will chew through 2 ? 3 store bought mouthguards in a season. ? A form fitted mouthguard can last you the season and sometimes more depending on dental growth. The reason for this is it fits snuggly on the teeth and cannot be easily moved into a chewable position. Not only does this make good functional sense but it also makes perfect financial sense as well.

Our family have been patients of Dr. David Cichon for a number of years and we are very fortunate to have a passionate professional who is concerned for his patient?s daily well being as well as their sports endeavors. Dr. David Cichon may have never played professional sports, but he certainly is a Professional when it comes to his practice and supporting youth sports in his community.

Grant Smit - Calgary Colts Junior Football

My Victory Mouthguard fits my bite to perfection; I never worry about it falling out even when taking big hits. I still have all the movement that I normally would and I can still talk and call out the plays I need to. I have been wearing boil and bites (various brands and prices) and they cannot compete against a custom made Victory Mouthguard. I have found it to be very durable and that it keeps its tight fit.

I definitely like that I can have different solid colours and multi-coloured mouthguards and the best is when I smile, my team logo is right in the front ? great for the opposition to see! I believe the design and perfect fit of my Victory Mouthguard has prevented concussions when hit hard and it has not taken anything away from my game play.

Karla Small - athlete/weekend warrior

My Victory Mouthguard is the best fitting mouthguard I?ve ever had. It?s thin enough that it doesn?t get in the way but gives me the protection I need to play hard and not worry about where that will take me.

Jeff Trudel - athlete/weekend warrior

I play about 40 hockey games a year, and never played with a mouth guard. I?ve seen guys go down not only from stick or pucks, but from going into the boards too hard or a collision at center ice. Dr. Cichon suggested that I take a look at the new mouthguards Southport Dental have to offer. The process of getting fitted is straightforward and easy, and pretty soon, I had a fitted mouthguard I could pop in before each game. It fits great, and it doesn?t impede breathing or drinking water like the full mouthguards you buy at retail stores. Once I had it in for a few game, I didn?t really think about it anymore. It?s when I forget to put it in is when I feel weird. Anyone who plays a contact sport should seriously consider protecting their head, and Southport Dental will be there to help you out.

David Holowaychuk - Head Coach Bishop Grandin Senior High School Football

I?had our senior football team, the Bishop Grandin Ghosts wearing?victory mouth guards produced by Dr. Cichon and the impact it had on our?team?s success was awesome. We had a staggering reduction in concussion?like injuries, clearly due to the mouth guards affect. And the look of?the mouth guard was fantastic, it was created in our team colours of?black and red, had our signature ?G? logo on the front? the kids and?coaches were blown away by how great they looked. Our players who are?continuing to play a second year with our team are still using the same?mouth guard, so the durability and life of this product is another huge?benefit. I would recommend any sport, which uses a mouth guard to look?into Victory Mouth guards for their needs.

Heather Trotter - A.K.A. BettieToRumble - Roller Derby

My Victory mouthguard has a superior fit and is so comfortable I forget I?m wearing it. I am able to call out plays to my team mates without fear of it falling out. Roller Derby is a hard hitting sport and I have complete confidence in my mouthguard to provide the protection I need.

Frenchy - Independent MMA